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Thoughtpearl Software Pvt Ltd is a firm devoted to digitalize your business and business needs.Transforming your business from offline to digital set your foot in this highly competitive world.


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How are we different & what sets our product apart


Simplicity is the core of our thought process, which enable us to look for solution in very fresh & basic way, break down the business needs in simple chunk of activities, and results in very simple form of solution.
Our thought process revolves around the element of Simplicity. This enables us to provide solutions which is basic yet effective. Dividing the business needs into smaller task to accomplish the desired solutions is our primary methodology.


Our highly competitive team & their hunger to thrive the technology helps us to provide innovative solution with latest technology & trends. Which helps our customer to be keep on leading in their business domain.
Our team is formed of people who are highly competitive and skilled with latest technology, who is always thriving for the innovation because our experience allows us to make it happen. This innovation manifests a legit solution which giving a boost to our customers business and making them a leader in the marketplace.

Make it scalable

Simplicity thinking for solution & innovate that with updated technology, our next approach is to solution is that it should be design that way it will be scalable as per business needs. While making scalable solution we always try to make solution which secures growth of our clients in future. You will achieve the desired scalability in the digital world with out constant and consistent support.
When simplicity and innovation join hand, scaling up the business is inevitable. As our solutions provides the base for scaling up business and when the business grow exponentially it secures the place on top for our customers.

I-SCOLA :- A School Management Software

I-Scola is a mobile platform that is available on Android as well as iOS platform to keep the track of attendance, scores, fees and most important their transport facilities.
  • Branding of your school
  • Attendance System
  • Event Publication
  • Result Generation System
  • School Transport Management System

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The busy life does not allow the parents to keep up with the studies of the kids and their school activities.
Very few have idea of what is going on in the study life of their kids these days.

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